Couple struck by car outside Salvation Army in Miami

Woman in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital, boyfriend says

MIAMI – A couple was struck by a vehicle Friday morning after stopping at a Salvation Army in Miami.

The woman was critically injured.

“My main goal is to try and keep her awake. She kept going unconscious,” Obadiah Croteau told Local 10 News.

Croteau and his girlfriend, Jennifer Williams, were in a parking lot along Northwest 38th Street unloading their car when they heard something coming their way.

“I hear an engine rev and I turn and I see a car coming about 60 mph towards us and not braking,” Croteau said.

The Volkswagen went off the road, barreling through the fence at the Salvation Army and striking both Croteau and Williams.

“(It) hit me, it flung me backwards behind the car and it actually pinned my girlfriend between the car that was there and our right rear quarter panel, and it pushed her underneath the car,” Croteau said.

Croteau said the driver initially tried to reverse and leave the scene.

“I was screaming at him to shut the car off and stop trying to move it because he was moving forward and backwards and my girlfriend is trapped underneath my car,” Croteau said.

Miami Fire Rescue personnel responded to the scene and transported both Croteau and Williams to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Croteau’s injuries were minor but the same can’t be said for his girlfriend.

“She has been fighting for her life in the operating room,” he said. “She has a broken pelvis and a bunch of stuff ruptured inside. She lost a lot of blood. They’ve been constantly trying to give her blood on life support.”

While the driver did ultimately stay at the scene, Croteau said he hopes that an arrest was made.

“All you could smell was the alcohol reeking off of him,” he said.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help with Williams’ medical bills.