Surveillance camera catches thief taking off with expensive bike

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A brazen thief walks right out of a bike shop with a pricey mountain bike, and surveillance camera were rolling.

“They went to the most expensive bikes,” said Sandy Chin, the owner and manager at Big Wheels Cycles in Hollywood.

“You know, you work hard for your money and life, and people just come and take what they want,” said Chin.

Chin said the thief’s suspicious behavior caught her attention.

“Because of the color it was on my mind, so I kept looking at the bike. You could see the guy pulling out the bike after I put it back, and coming to the front between the display racks, and ducking and looking around before walking out with the bike,” said Chin. “It’s a Scott Scale 900 RC. A carbon bike. Very light and retails for $6,799.99.”

Chin said the guy handed over an ID to take a test ride, but the ID turned out to be fake. Now she is hoping the video will be the crucial clue that will help track down the bike thief.

“We have a case number. Or call here and we’ll call the police,” said Chin.

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