Jewish Museum of Florida reveals exhibit honoring work of Steven Sotloff

Work of slain journalist on display at Jewish Museum of Florida

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – The Jewish community of South Florida is honoring the life of Steven Sotloff, a journalist who was beheaded on live video by members of ISIS.

The Jewish Museum of Florida is holding an exhibit about Sotloff's achievements through his short, but fruitful career.

His parents said they want him to be remembered for his career and not just for the tragic murder that ended his life.

“To see what kind of person Steven was, how he grew up, his contributions to the news media,” the journalist’s father, Arthur Sotloff, said.

"I don’t know that everybody knows the story of all the things that he did. You know, breaking the story of Benghazi and other articles that he wrote, and also some of the significant changes that have happened as a result,” Susan Gladstone, executive director of the Jewish Museum of Florida, said. “I think it’s important for people to know the whole story.”

To keep honoring Sotloff’s life, his parents now travel around the world training journalists to make sure they come home alive.