Couple says they were served up blood with their doughnuts at Hollywood Dunkin’

Couple hires attorney to represent them in possible lawsuit after incident

Bag given to customers at Dunkin’ in Hollywood.
Bag given to customers at Dunkin’ in Hollywood.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – What was supposed to be an evening snack has turned into 365 days of non-stop worry and unexpected medical bills for a South Florida couple.

Magela and Rodrigo Esquivel told Local 10 News they were served up an employee’s blood at a Dunkin drive thru in Hollywood.

“What if we are infected with HIV, hepatitis, anything,” Rodrigo Esquivel said.

“I am very worried about our long-term health,” his wife, Magela, said.

According to their receipt, it was 8:49 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 16, and they were hungry.

Magela and Rodrigo pulled into the Dunkin Donuts at 516 North State Road 7 and ordered two doughnuts.

Magela said she noticed the Dunkin employee's hand was wrapped in a napkin when she was handed the bag through the drive through window.

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