Man appears in court after allegedly stalking Miami-Dade County judge

Christopher James Shaw, 30, says he was frustrated that he hasn’t seen son in 10 months


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – There was a slight smirk on the face of 30-year-old Christopher James Shaw Friday morning in bond court following his arrest at his Coral Gables home.

Shaw is accused of stalking George Sarduy, who is the Miami-Dade County judge presiding over his domestic violence with children family court case.

Shaw’s arrest comes after investigators said he sent a series of harassing and threatening emails to Sarduy over the span of four months that expressed “anger, feelings of revenge” and included “racially derogatory remarks.”

“Your honor, I haven’t seen my son in 10 months. I have been extremely frustrated and I’m a good father,” Shaw told Miami-Dade County Judge Mindy Glazer on Friday.

“I understand,” Glazer responded. “But we have law and order in this country, otherwise we wouldn’t have a country. We have to follow the law and you respect a judge’s decision, and if you are unhappy, you file an appeal. You cannot personally attack a judge.”

Shaw’s arrest form states that some of the emails also included various details about the judge, including specific locations where the victim had been, including where the judge works out.

That led Sarduy to suspect Shaw was following him and/or his spouse, placing him in fear for not just his own life, but his wife’s, as well.

“The defendant is aware that the victim uses the gym at the Biltmore and, again, let the victim feel like he is being followed,” a detective said.

The defense argued the places Shaw visited are public places and the emails didn’t rise to the level of a credible threat.

Glazer did find there was probable cause for the charge.

After stating that she used to work family court, she offered up this advice:

“The parent that puts the child’s needs before their own I feel is a good parent,” she said. “Right now, I am ordering the stay away order so you are not allowed to go to the gym where the judge goes, you are not allowed to follow him around and you are not allowed to send emails, because if you do and you violate this court’s order, you are going to be locked up in jail and you are going to sit in jail until your trial.”

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