Mike Pence travels to South Florida to discuss coronavirus concerns


PALM BEACH, Fla. – Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Palm Beach County Friday in Air Force Two to speak about the coronavirus and the government’s response to its spread.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump assigned the vice president to lead the U.S. task force against the virus.

On Friday afternoon, he’s going to be speaking with the Club for Growth at Palm Beach International Airport.

The organization is a conservative free enterprise group, and although exactly what he’ll be saying is being kept from the media, you can assume he’ll be talking about the major hit financial markets have taken due to fears of the virus’ spread.

The vice president will then be heading to the west coast of Florida to speak at a National Republican Congressional Committee dinner in Longboat Key.

Democrats in the state are going after Trump for this trip, saying just days after Pence was assigned to lead the task force against the virus, he’s in Florida fundraising instead.

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