More brawls at McArthur High spark concern

Cafeteria fight caught on tape shows student bloody and beaten

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Parents are expressing outrage after two more brutal brawls broke out at McArthur High School on Hollywood Boulevard.

Some of the videos are tough to watch. A nasty cafeteria fight. You can hear someone in the background saying “Did you see how that guy was bleeding? That is outta control.”

One boy could be seen bloody and beaten. Another video shows tensions simmering between teenage girls in the hallway as an adult gets in the middle to try and break it up.

Students told Local 10 the cafeteria melee happened Thursday.

“I think it’s stupid,” said student Angel Marin. “I heard it was over a seat. The entire cafeteria, there’s space in it. If you’re fighting over a seat, just move over or go to a different seat. Don’t fight over it.”

But students interviewed by Local 10 said they feel safe at the school.

This isn’t the first time McArthur High has been in the news this month. On Feb. 4, there was another video of a scuffle between two boys that turned into a brutal brawl.

In Thursday’s lunchtime altercation, Broward school officials said the injured teen was treated at school and is expected to be okay. Both boys have been disciplined.

“It’s pretty carzy, not like it was when we were growing up,” said parent Timothy Fitzpatrick.

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