Merry quarantine? South Florida family attempts to bring some light to dark times

A South Florida family decided to put up their Christmas lights amid the coronavirus pandemic in an effort to bring some cheer to their neighbors. (WPLG)

MIAMI – A South Florida family is bringing out their Christmas lights in an effort to bring some light to the world’s dark situation right now.

Stephanie Sproel got the bright idea to put up Christmas lights on her Miami home when she saw the hashtag #merryquarantine trending on Twitter.

With nothing to do, Sproel and her brother hung the colorful Christmas lights in hopes of putting a smile on her neighbors’ faces when they walk by.

Sproel told Local 10 News that one of her neighbors liked the idea so much, they started to hang Christmas lights on their home, as well.

“I feel Christmas lights are something that brings people joy,” Sproel said. “We walk around our neighborhood every single night with our dog, and we always do the same route. We are looking at the same stuff always, so this is something to break up that monotonous routine, and I think it will give people an excuse to get out and see the lights.”

Sproel said it doesn’t have to be Christmas lights either, Halloween decorations will work too. She plans on keeping the lights up for as long as it takes for things to get back to normal.

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