Attorneys deliver food to police officers, health care workers during coronavirus pandemic

AVENTURA, Fla. – Attorneys Robert Solomon and Ariel Saban rented a food truck to deliver lunch on Monday to a group of police officers with the Aventura Police Department.

Saban and Solomon, who are both Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad College of Law 2006 graduates, said they are looking for people to join forces with them.

“It started off as just my partner and I in our office just giving back to a couple of police departments," Saban said. "I think now we are almost at like over 700 nurses, doctors, police officers, first responders and it has been amazing.”

Saban and Solomon, whose clients include police officers, run a firm with offices in Manhattan, Palm Beach Gardens, Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood and Broward’s city of Plantation.

For more information about how to join their effort, call 954-577-2878 or email saban@sslegalfirm.com or solomon@sslegalfirm.com.

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