Don’t allow coronavirus fears to keep you away from seeking medical treatment, doctor says

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Dr Brijesh Mehta said the coronavirus pandemic is keeping many people who need medical treatment away from hospitals and that is risky. The neuro-interventional surgeon works at Memorial Regional, where there are fewer patients than usual.

Mehta said nationwide heart and stroke patients admissions are 30-40% down. Paramedics are responding to 911 house calls and patients are deciding to stay home even when paramedics are telling them they need more medical attention.

“When given the option for coming to the hospital, they are declining to come in,” Mehta said.

Lamora Pace said her father-in-law, Jim White, and her father, Cornell Florence, both had strokes, and rushing them to a hospital saved their lives. Pace said she is glad she persuaded both of them to go to the hospital.

Mehta said everyone should be like Pace because getting patients to the hospital quickly is a contributing factor to both survival and recovery.

“Families members are waiting at home for a day or two hoping symptoms go away, and at that time, they are way outside the time for treatment,” Mehta said. “At this point, we have all the resources, the protective measures in place to make sure staff and patient safety are maintained.”

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