Pricey pooch stolen in broad daylight from Pembroke Pines store

Owner tells thief if puppy brought back, no charges will be filed

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A two-month old French bulldog was snatched in broad daylight from a puppy store in Pembroke Pines.

It happened around 3 p.m. Wednesday at Forever Love Puppies when the puppy was stolen from the store after a customer came in and said he wanted to see the dog.

A man wearing a surgical mask and a gray hoodie was handed the puppy to play with; then the employee walked away to tend to another customer.

On surveillance camera, you can see the thief pretending to casually look around the store still carrying the dog, he then walks out of the store with the dog in his arms. There’s a camera outside that’s also recording, which first shows him walking then quickly running off.

Lawrence Master, owner of the store, just wants the black French bulldog returned.

The owner of the shop isn’t just angry that the puppy was taken, but he’s concerned for the two-month old dog’s health.

He tells the man who took it: "Please return it to the nearest fire station. We will not prosecute you, we just want the safe return of our puppy.”

Master pleaded on Local 10: “This puppy will need vaccination, this puppy will need veterinary care.”

The cutie pie is worth a pretty penny, priced at just under $5,000.

Master has a warning for the thief. He said that the dog already has a micro-chip and has been reported as stolen from the store.

“As soon as you take it to the vet to get shots, it’s going to be flagged. We’re going to call the police immediately and you’re going to be arrested. However, I will not prosecute you if you bring this puppy back to us. I promise you.”

The store, located on Johnson Street and University Drive, has been open during the coronavirus shutdown because it is also a pet supply store. Broward Sheriff’s Office said that’s why it is considered an essential business and was allowed to remain open.

If you’ve seen the man or the male French bulldog, call police or Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-8477.

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