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Jubilee Gala Reception Hall refuses to refund woman’s nearly $5,000 deposit

Jubilee Gala Reception Hall holds woman's nearly $5,000 hostage
Jubilee Gala Reception Hall holds woman's nearly $5,000 hostage

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – Irene Thompson said she has been so mistreated by the Jubilee Gala Reception Hall in Pembroke Pines that one of the establishment’s representatives went as far as lying to her.

When Thompson requested a nearly $5,000 refund, she said the representative allegedly blamed President Donald Trump for being unable to do so.

“The President of the United States said no-refund,” the Jubilee Gala Reception Hall’s representative said, according to Thompson.

Thompson never imagined a respiratory illness would end up killing at least 285 people in Broward County. She was eager to celebrate her 60th birthday on April 5, so she signed the vendor’s contract.

Jubilee Gala Reception Hall owner, David Covos, is using it to hold her money hostage.

“They are going to have the event the same way that they planned,” Covos said about Thompson’s April 5th birthday party.

The vendor’s contract allows a non-refundable deposit policy and Jubilee Gala Reception Hall’s ability to re-schedule events. Thompson believes the contract did not really account for the unforeseen crisis.

“It’s not [Covos] fault. It’s not my fault,” Thompson said. “So why not just give me back the money?”

On Jan. 9, Thompson paid the facility a $500 deposit and on Feb. 6 she paid $4,489. Thompson said Jubilee Gala Reception Hall hasn’t made any attempts at an amicable agreement,.

With the economic crisis, Thompson can’t afford to hire a lawyer, so Local 10 News helped her file a complaint with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.

The state has a Consumer Protection Division, which has rulemaking authority and deals with unfair practice complaints. Here is how to file a complaint with her office >

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