John Kerry says Trump revelations in Bolton book ‘extremely disturbing’

John Kerry weighs in on Trump revelations in John Bolton's book
John Kerry weighs in on Trump revelations in John Bolton's book

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Former Secretary of State John Kerry says the stories told in John Bolton’s bombshell new book about President Donald Trump are “extremely disturbing” even if they aren’t shocking.

“I think that the John Bolton book displays even further — it just confirms things that we already know. But it does so with color and with new facts that are extremely disturbing,” Kerry said in an interview with Local 10 on Thursday.

One story that Bolton tells in “The Room Where It Happened” is about the president’s near about-face in his support for Juan Guaidó in Venezuela.

“It tells me that he does exactly what [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wanted,” Kerry said. “And that Putin influenced him greatly. He listens to dictators.”

Kerry is speaking out on behalf of his old friend Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee.

Today, the Biden campaign went on the air in Florida and five other states with a $15 million ad campaign, including one in Spanish.

Biden is reaching out to a critical segment of Florida voters he has neglected.

Trump now calls Florida home, and he’ll accept the Republican nomination in Jacksonville in August, with a stop along the way no doubt at Mar-a-Lago.

“The Mar-a-Lago crowd is doing very well, but the average person in Florida is really worried and hurting,” Kerry said.

Kerry predicts Biden will win Florida in November. Trump, of course, believes he will carry the state as he did four years ago.

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