Protesters march to Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office

MIAMI, Fla. – More protesters took to the streets of Miami on Friday, walking two miles with a destination in mind — the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office.

They left from the Torch of Friendship on Biscayne Boulevard, beginning on NW 8th Street and marched throughout historic Overtown, continuing to the state attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle's office along NW 12th Avenue.

The group carried Defund Police banners and said they had gathered together for a number of reasons: To defund the police, see racial inequality and systemic racism addressed, along with several other issues.

“We want people to have access to affordable housing,” Tiffany Burks of Black Lives Matter Alliance said. She was one of the protesters demonstrating on Friday. “We want people to have access to a livable wage. We want healthcare for all. And we know those things can happen when we take the resources from the police budget and we put it into our communities,” Burks said.

Rundle’s office was intended as their final destination because protesters said they believe the state attorney has abandoned victims of police brutality. They are calling on her to meet with local families who have been directly impacted by police violence. The protest ended about 9 p.m.

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