Davie neighborhood hit hard by storm could use a helping hand

DAVIE, Fla. – Bad weather created a scary situation on Thursday at a mobile home park in Davie. On Friday, residents were worried how they were going to clean everything up.

Rachel McHardy looked at the roof blown off her mobile home after a passing of what the National Weather Service called downburst winds.

She said she needs help "desperately."

Local 10 asked what a cleanup like this would entail. What would need to be done?

Neighbor Marco Romalotti, who is lending a hand, said that there is a lot to be done.

“The whole front inside is soaking wet. It is going to have be (demolished) down to the bare wood to see what needs to be replaced.”

Romalotti said the storm was devastating. “Trees everywhere, mailboxes knocked down, obviously this lady lost her roof.”

But with damage this bad, they could use a hand ― from you.

“I’m asking anyone from the public to come out here and help. I got tarps.I got a ladder. What I’m asking is please help us to put these tarps up,” Romalotti said.

The help is needed at Park City Estates in Davie, off of SW 83rd Terrace. If you’re in the area, they could really use a hand.

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