Man seen smearing blood on Miami Beach businesses

Same man may have caused damage to Miami restaurant hours later

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Businesses along Alton Road arrived Tuesday to find blood smeared on nearly every storefront between Lincoln Road and 17th Street.

Surveillance video obtained by Local 10 News from Ace Hardware shows a man who appeared to have a cut on his arm or hand overnight. He’s seen walking up to the front of a business and rubbing his blood on the glass window before moving on to the next one.

According to a police report, it happened around 1:30 a.m.

At Elev8tion Fitness, the morning manager made the gruesome discovery.

“All over the glass, all over the windows,” Javier Ugarte said. “I have no explanation for that. I can’t understand something like that happening.”

Miami Beach Fire Rescue came out to help disinfect the door handles and wash down the area. A private company also pressure-washed the glass and sidewalk late Tuesday morning.

New surveillance video from approximately two hours after the bizarre Miami Beach spree capture what could be the same man causing another ruckus at a restaurant on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.

Ray Cuevas is the owner of El Tiesto Cafe, serving sushi with a Dominican twist. He says the same man, seen with his t-shirt wrapped around what may be his bloody hand, trying to break-in to the establishment.

The man was only able to break a lock and tip over some tables, nothing major, but Cuevas did report it to police.

“I think he’s someone that definitely needs help,” he said.

Miami Beach police say they want to speak with the man seen on the video and make sure he doesn’t need medical attention. They checked with area hospitals but did not find any patients with injuries that would match.

Why anyone would do something like this is not clear.

“I find that very bizarre, somebody putting blood all over the windows of these buildings,” said Miami Beach resident Tom Donall. “That’s kind of crazy.”

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