Local business steps up to help families in need in Miami Gardens

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – A drive-thru food distribution was held Friday in Miami Gardens, as a local business that is hurting itself stepped up to help others in need.

“We know across the board people are having problems,” Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert said.

The event fed more than 500 families on Friday.

Food distributions have been happening across South Florida for months amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Farm Share and others have been loading up their trucks with food as lines of people have been coming out to wait.

Some have been out of work, while others are trying to stay afloat.

“A big impact, but we are survivors and we have community support and we are just going to keep working, and hopefully things will get better,” Morris Brown, of Brothers Barbecue, said.

The pandemic has hit the owners of Brothers Barbecue hard in Miami Gardens. But that doesn’t stop them from volunteering and giving back outside their restaurant, where cars filed in Friday to get the essentials.

Gilbert said people need to continue to do their part so things can get back to normal and hopefully get a lot more back to having a job.

“We need people to actually adhere to social distancing guidelines and actually wear masks,” Gilbert said.

Miami Gardens has hosted one of the most vital COVID-19 testing spots in the state, as the mayor says the city is doing what they can to support the people who live there.

“Hard Rock (Stadium) is very important in our ability to actually have quick answers to the test, ‘Yes, you’re positive, no, you’re not.’ The ability to do that will be important in getting this disease under control,” Gilbert said.

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