Miami-Dade prepares to allow indoor dining with limited capacity

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said Monday that the process toward allowing restaurants to return to indoor dining and the reopening of casinos during the coronavirus pandemic has started.

Gimenez said he just doesn’t know when it will happen.

Gimenez said he is discussing the timing with public health experts and entrepreneurs. There will still be capacity limits during the transitional reopening. The discussion comes amid a reduction in day-to-day positivity rates.

Miami-Dade County continues to be a hot zone. Miami-Dade’s day-to-day positivity rate has been below 10% since Aug. 18. In the past day, Miami-Dade’s confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 626 to a total of 152,612. With 10 new deaths reported, the death toll increased to 2,253.

Miami (90,315 cases), Hialeah (21,792 cases) and Homestead (10,242 cases) continue to be among the top 10 cities with the most cases in the state.

Gimenez said the curfew will remain in effect for restauranteurs who continue to face steep fines, as they deal with drops in earnings.

A look at the data

The state’s recent day-to-day positivity rate has been below 10% since Aug. 11. Miami-Dade’s rate has been below 10% since Aug. 18 and Broward’s has been below 10% since Aug. 12.

Saturday (Aug. 22): Florida’s is 5.52%. Miami-Dade’s is 8.55%. Broward’s is 4.38%.

Friday (Aug. 21): Florida’s is 4.89%. Miami-Dade’s is 6.78%. Broward’s is 4.89%.

Thursday (Aug. 20): Florida’s is 6.83%. Miami-Dade’s is 9.55%. Broward’s is 6.56%.

Wednesday (Aug. 19): Florida’s is 6.78%. Miami-Dade’s is 9.62%. Broward’s is 7.13%.

Tuesday (Aug. 18): Florida’s is 7.08%. Miami-Dade’s is 9.73%. Broward’s is 6%.

Aug. 17: Florida’s is 7.91%. Miami-Dade’s is 10.5%. Broward’s is 7.6%.

Aug. 16: Florida’s is 8.25%. Miami-Dade’s is 12.3%. Broward’s is 9%.

Aug. 15: Florida’s is 7.79%. Miami-Dade’s is 10.3%. Broward’s is 8.3%.

Aug. 14: Florida’s is 7.71%. Miami-Dade’s is 10.7%. Broward’s is 7.1%.

Aug. 13: Florida’s is 8.08%. Miami-Dade’s is 10.9%. Broward’s is 7.5%.

Aug. 12: Florida’s is 9.52%. Miami-Dade’s is 12.8%. Broward’s is 9%.

Aug. 11: Florida’s is 11.89%. Broward’s is 8.6%. Miami-Dade’s is 18.3%, but it would have been 12.4% when excluding historical data submission.

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