Coronavirus: Florida’s day-to-day positivity rate remains under 10% for 12th day

Florida confirms more than 602,800 cases

MIAMI – Although less of the Florida residents who are getting tested for the coronavirus are receiving positive test results, the Florida Department of Health reported Monday there are 2,258 new cases and 72 more deaths associated with COVID-19 in Florida.

The World Health Organization recommends a positive test rate of less than 10%. On Monday, the state extended its streak to twelve straight days with a day-to-day positivity rate of new cases under 10%. The state’s day-to-day positivity rate of new cases decreased from 5.52% on Sunday to 5.15% on Monday.

Florida Department of Health officials also reported 4.4 million tests have been completed since the start of the pandemic and the overall positivity rate is 13.56%. The rate fluctuation was at its highest in March and at its lowest in May.

2,258 new cases

With 2,258 new cases, Florida’s confirmed COVID-19 cases increased from 600,571 to 602,829. The bulk of cases includes 596,511 residents and 6,318 non-residents.

Although the trends are in the right direction, Florida remains the second state in the country with the most cases after California, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to FDOH data, 10,534 deaths since the start of the outbreak are associated with COVID-19, including the 10,397 deaths of Florida residents and 137 non-residents.

Florida’s coronavirus-related hospitalizations increased to 36,586. The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimates the state has more than enough hospital capacity and projects 21,174 people will die of complications with COVID-19 in Florida by Dec. 1.

South Florida’s hot zones

In the past day, Miami-Dade’s confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 626 to a total of 152,612 . With 10 new deaths reported, the death toll increased to 2,253. Miami (90,315 cases), Hialeah (21,792 cases) and Homestead (10,242) continue to be among the top 10 cities with the most cases in the state.

Broward’s cases increased by 247 to a total of 69,383 . With 19 new deaths, the county’s death toll increased to 1,132 . Fort Lauderdale (15,265 cases) and Hollywood (13,133 cases) continue to be among the top 10 cities with the most cases in the state.

Palm Beach County’s cases increased by 156 to a total of 40,746 . With two new deaths, the death toll increased to 1,061. . West Palm Beach (10,111 cases) continues to be among the top 10 cities with the most cases in the state.

Monroe County cases increased to 1,694 cases and the death toll remained unchanged at 14.

A look at the data

The state’s recent day-to-day positivity rate has been below 10% since Aug. 11. Miami-Dade’s rate has been below 10% since Aug. 18 and Broward’s has been below 10% since Aug. 12.

Saturday (Aug. 22): Florida’s is 5.52%. Miami-Dade’s is 8.55%. Broward’s is 4.38%.

Friday (Aug. 21): Florida’s is 4.89%. Miami-Dade’s is 6.78%. Broward’s is 4.89%.

Thursday (Aug. 20): Florida’s is 6.83%. Miami-Dade’s is 9.55%. Broward’s is 6.56%.

Wednesday (Aug. 19): Florida’s is 6.78%. Miami-Dade’s is 9.62%. Broward’s is 7.13%.

Tuesday (Aug. 18): Florida’s is 7.08%. Miami-Dade’s is 9.73%. Broward’s is 6%.

Aug. 17: Florida’s is 7.91%. Miami-Dade’s is 10.5%. Broward’s is 7.6%.

Aug. 16: Florida’s is 8.25%. Miami-Dade’s is 12.3%. Broward’s is 9%.

Aug. 15: Florida’s is 7.79%. Miami-Dade’s is 10.3%. Broward’s is 8.3%.

Aug. 14: Florida’s is 7.71%. Miami-Dade’s is 10.7%. Broward’s is 7.1%.

Aug. 13: Florida’s is 8.08%. Miami-Dade’s is 10.9%. Broward’s is 7.5%.

Aug. 12: Florida’s is 9.52%. Miami-Dade’s is 12.8%. Broward’s is 9%.

Aug. 11: Florida’s is 11.89%. Broward’s is 8.6%. Miami-Dade’s is 18.3%, but it would have been 12.4% when excluding historical data submission.

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