$1 million hospital bill has COVID survivor fearing financial ruin

Plantation couple sick over surprise after discovering insurance only covers partial costs

PLANTATION, Fla. – John Place has gone from fighting for his life to fighting a financial burden.

It is one he says he may never be able to pay.

“People will say your life is priceless. That’s a small bill to pay but it’s really not. I’ve never seen my name attached to a number like that. Ever,” John said.

The number is close to $1 million and that’s just the hospital bill. It will likely be even more once all the bills come in. They are already piling up for the Plantation couple.

John spent 45 days in the hospital and 20 days on a ventilator. He’s still recovering from COVID-19.

“My right hand is completely numb. I can’t pick up more than 10 pounds with both hands, my shoulder is still really weak. I have numbness in my left leg,” he said.

His lower back is numb and he said his neck and scalp are numb, too.

Once, and if, John fully recovers, he’s in for another fight. He’s insured, but he is still going to have to pay thousands of dollars.

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