Supporters of President Trump line streets to cheer for motorcade in Jupiter

Supporters show up in large numbers for President Trump's Jupiter visit
Supporters show up in large numbers for President Trump's Jupiter visit

JUPITER, Fla. – President Donald Trump paid a visit to South Florida on Tuesday and was greeted by hundreds of supporters.

Cheering crowds lined the streets of Jupiter as his motorcade sped by in President Trump’s first visit to Palm Beach County since the coronavirus pandemic began in mid-March.

“I believe that we need to show support for our president,” said Trump supporter Debra Tomarim. “He is doing a great job.”

Supporters arrived bright and early to the intersection of Beach Road and US-1, right across the street from President Trump’s campaign stop at Lighthouse Park.

“I believe in the man, believe in America,” said supporter Don Jones. “I think he is on the right track.”

Wearing their Trump t-shirts, holding signs that read Trump 2020 and Keep America Great and chanting ‘four more years’, supporters made sure the president knew they were there as he seeks re-election and looks to win Florida in a tight race against Democratic candidate and former vice president Joe Biden.

“He will get in there with a landslide,” said Tomarim. “We are pretty sure of that.”

Inside, President Trump spoke on the Great American Outdoors Act, which provides funding to national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and recreation areas.

It’s something the group outside said they support.

“I like the whole platform,” said Jones.

In addition to the crowd supporting Preident Trump, there was also a handful of protesters holding Biden-Harris signs.

“We need people to be able to come out and peacefully say this is what I am for,” said protestor Winifret Tuschen.

The president left for North Carolina shortly before 4 p.m. where he was scheduled to attend another rally.

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