Sign welcoming people to Dania Beach actually located in Hollywood

Cities working together to remedy sign situation

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – A brand-new sign was installed on East Dania Beach Boulevard.

It’s a big, bright and bold sign, and it welcomes you to Dania Beach.

The only problem is that the sign is actually in the City of Hollywood.

Apparently some Hollywood residents feel the sign is unwelcomed and voiced their concerns to local officials.

“The city manager from Hollywood contacted me yesterday, we have a great relationship,” said Dania Beach City Manager Ana Garcia. “He said, 'I want to let you know that one of my residents is reaching out to me letting me know they were appalled that these new signs were installed in Hollywood.”

Dania Beach City Manager Ana Garcia that while yes, the sign may be in Hollywood, but it replaced an old existing sign that was in the same spot, a median that Dania Beach maintains for Hollywood.

“It just came to my attention yesterday and we have been nonstop researching and having our legal team looking into it,” Garcia said.

The two sides are working together to resolve the issue.

“It is absolutely amicable; on social media people can be passionate,” said City of Hollywood spokesperson Joanne Hussey. "There are areas where it can be confusing, so we’re working with the City of Dania to have the sign moved to the proper location.

“It is not a straight line of jurisdiction, and so there are moments you are in Hollywood in certain areas and there are moments you drive along and are back in Dania Beach and Hollywood depending on what side of the street you are on.”

The new sign is part of a rebranding project in Dania Beach.

“We just reinstalled what was existing,” Garcia explained. "We removed an ugly, dilapidated sign and replaced with a beautiful new sign with landscaping.

“Whatever we need to do to modify, we will.”

There may be an inter-local agreement that dates back years and years that gives Dania Beach the rights to the median on which the sign is located; that’s what a Dania Beach attorney is looking into.

For now, the sign will remain in place.

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