BSO Fire Rescue debuts new, live-saving helicopters with state of the art technology

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – BSO Fire Rescue has a new tool it is using to help the public and save lives.

Local 10 News got an exclusive look at their upgraded EMS rescue helicopters.

Meeting up at Pompano Beach Air Park, BSO showed Local 10 what the twin Eurocopter EC135 helicopters can do.

They are dedicated to EMS missions and have been branded as ‘Firestars’ with a completely different black, red and gold color scheme.

The EMS helicopters are also carrying whole blood, which is usually only available in trauma centers.

Whole blood is much more effective for patients than an IV because it has oxygen in it. The fluids do not.

A crew of three go out on each flight; a pilot and co-pilot up front and a paramedic in the back, attending to the patient as they wing their way to the hospital.

The helicopters were retrofitted around the life-saving emergency equipment they carry, and it’s not just defibrillators and heart monitors.

The Firestars also feature state of the art rescue equipment on the outside of the aircraft, such as the Night Sun search light and the Fleer camera.

The new choppers are already saving lives; one was used to transport a dog bite victim from Coral Springs last month.

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