Trump supporters in Miami-Dade say reelection is being stolen from him

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – For Cuban-American families who live in Westchester and Tamiami, La Carreta in southwest Miami-Dade County is the place to go for Cuban food and political outrage. It’s as popular as the Versailles Restaurant is for families in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.

For years, the crowded “Ventanita” and its Cuban coffee has been the ideal place to spark up conversations with strangers about Republicans, Democrats and Communists. It wasn’t any different on Thursday night. Barbara Balmaseda, who campaigned with Latinos for Trump, said she was glad Florida turned red, but she was watching other states in horror.

“I think that a lot of states need to update the way they’re counting their ballots," said Balmaseda, "The way they’re counting ballots has been a little suspicious.”

Except for allegations from the Trump campaign, Balmaseda didn’t have any specific reports to support her allegation. Dozens of Trump supporters there felt the same way. They believed President Donald Trump when he said he had lost faith in the electoral process and the reelection had been stolen from him.

Some supporters of President Donald Trump in Miami-Dade County were starting to meet on Thursday afternoon outside of La Carreta near Westchester. (Local 10 News)

Judges have already dismissed Trump’s attorneys’ claims in Georgia and Michigan. In Pennsylvania, Trump’s campaign attorneys managed to get a judge to allow observers to monitor election workers in Philadelphia. Trump said they were doing so from a distance which wasn’t enough.

Omar Barral is one of the many Trump supporters who were standing outside of La Carreta on Thursday night. He couldn’t believe Biden won Wisconsin with such a slim margin. Election officials reported Trump won 48.9% of the vote in Wisconsin and Biden won 49.6% of the vote there. His victory cost Trump 10 electoral votes.

“All of the sudden 130,000 votes go to Biden in Wisconsin for no reason," Barral said. “No Sir! There is fraud going on.”

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