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In downtown Miami, Biden presidential win called for celebration in the streets

MIAMI, Fla. – Even In the middle of a hurricane watch and global pandemic, a celebration emerged. While it was safer to stay home, they brought masks or they stayed in the cars to revel in, what they called, good news.

At the Historic Freedom Tower, people on foot and in driving by cheered and waved flags, they banged pots and pans.

Now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are projected to be the next president and vice president of the United States, they said they couldn’t help themselves.

Carmen Palaez, a Biden voter, said: “This is the ultimate expression of freedom. I mean, what joy,” she said. “This country gave full entry to my parents when they lost everything in Cuba and I couldn’t see our exile and our experience diminished by a power grab. So, I went all in for Biden,” Palaez said.

Yvette Aviles, along with other Biden supporters, said they had reasons to celebrate.

“This has shown me democracy works and I could not be happier for today,” Aviles said. “I’m not here to cause problems. I feel this country has been very depressed and very sad and going in the wrong direction for four years.”

For Natasha Soto, she wanted to see the current occupant of the White House not serve four more years.

“Voting out Trump was super important. I’m very much looking forward to what happens after this moment,” Soto said.

Marie Etienne simply stated: “Today is a victory day.”

About the Author:

Liane Morejon is an Emmy-winning reporter who joined the Local 10 News family in January 2010. Born and raised in Coral Gables, Liane has a unique perspective on covering news in her own backyard.