Flooding issues in Pembroke Pines leading to toilet flushing issues for residents, business owners

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – It is brutal what’s going on in Pembroke Pines, with some residents unable to flush their toilets due to the impact of Tropical Storm Eta.

The issue is that local retention ponds and other bodies of water are at the same level as the water on the streets, and it’s impacting the sewage system.

This means people at home can’t flush, and businesses can’t flush, which means they also can’t open.

Local 10′s Christian De La Rosa spoke to the owner of a pool hall that has been shut down since Monday because the toilets inside the business will not flush.

As if that’s not bad enough, sewage water is coming out of the drain behind the business, along with the foul smell that comes with it.

County crews have been seen around town addressing these issues, but there is no ETA on when things will start improving.

At this point, residents may have to wait on gravity to do its job, and also hope it stops raining.

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