Community supports ‘Village (FREE)DGE’ after theft threatened operation

MIAMI – Thanks to generous donors, two holiday grinches couldn’t stop Sherina Jones’ Village (FREE)DGE community operation in Miami’s Liberty City.

Donors have replaced the refrigerator that two thieves stole from the sidewalk next to the Roots Collective Black House clothing store last week, along Northwest Seventh Avenue.

Jones, an esthetician who owns the Snob Beauty Box, wants the South Florida community to make sure that anyone in the Miami neighborhood who is hungry and can’t afford food during the pandemic will be able to quickly pick something up that is both fresh and healthy.

Jones, a cancer survivor, started the community project with the help of dozens of donors on Aug. 10. She and a team of volunteers are ambitious and they aim to maintain more Village (FREE)DGE locations in neighborhoods that are in need.

For more information about how to support the project in Liberty City, visit the Roots Black House site.

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