Miami men receive special thank you after rescuing dolphin in Biscayne Bay

MIAMI – A dolphin was tangled in a thick line in Biscayne Bay, but thanks to two men on personal watercrafts, it was cut free and was able to swim away.

“It was an amazing feeling,” said Nick Tuduri.

Tuduri said he and friend Craig Gooden launched their vessels from a boat ramp at 79th Street on November 21st, and soon spotted what looked like a dolphin in trouble.

“The dolphin actually came to the side of the jet ski and it was swimming. That’s when I noticed there was something that was off with that dolphin,” Tuduri recalled.

Treading in about 15 feet of water, Tuduri said he started cutting the thick, nylon rope that was tangled with the dolphin’s fin and attached to what looked like a crab trap. The marine mammal, he said, could sense he was helping it.

“It’s amazing. The dolphin was looking with its eye. It was watching and observing us do what we were doing, and he just let us do our thing. We were able to cut it free,” Tuduri said.

And in an act of animal connection, other dolphins in the water started circling the watercraft.

“I think they were thanking me,” he said.

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