Latest cold front has South Florida residents and businesses bundling up

Businesses in South Florida preparing for latest cold font
Businesses in South Florida preparing for latest cold font

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Another round of cold air arrived Tuesday morning in South Florida, so expect to see people bundled up in jackets and hoodies.

As the mercury dips over the next few days, restaurants with outdoor cafes like Asia Bay on Las Olas Boulevard will be bringing out the heat lamps.

“We have our heaters ready to go,” said general manager Juan Betancourt. “Even the propane tanks are already fueled up and ready just to be able to serve everybody and have a nice time and enjoy their dinner.”

Near Young Circle in Hollywood, some said they were already feeling the chill Monday.

But it’s all about perspective: shorts-wearing college students from Michigan thought the temperature was refreshing.

“If you were to have this weather right now at home you’d see people sunbathing on their lawns,” one student said.

The cold can present a hazard, though.

Once again, South Florida fire rescue departments are reminding people to keep space heaters away from household items that can catch fire and to open windows before turning central heat on for the first time.

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