Venezuelans use app to help exiles, refugees express desire for new elections

BOGOTA – The political impasse in Venezuela now includes an effort to give the millions of refugees and exiles around the world a voice with a new app.

As Nicolas Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela candidates — including his wife and son — prepare to take over the National Assembly in January, Juan Guaido, the leader of the opposition, launched a new referendum.

Guaido’s new app includes a ballot asking Venezuelans if they want new presidential elections and if they support humanitarian aid and support from the international community.

From exile, Leopoldo Lopez, Guaido’s mentor, talked to reporters in Bogota this week about the referendum. He compared Maduro to Saddam Hussein.

The app to participate in the referendum has been available since Monday and voting will close on Saturday.

Once Guaido’s term ends on Jan. 5, so will his legal immunity. President Donald Trump’s administration is offering a $15 million reward for Maduro’s arrest on narcotrafficking charges.

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