Miami Beach police task force makes hundreds of arrests, seizes multiple firearms

A crime crackdown in Miami Beach is all thanks to a new task force.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A crime crackdown in Miami Beach is all thanks to a new task force.

Authorities are hoping it deters potential criminals ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

It’s a group of two dozen officers that have either cited or put behind bars hundreds of people for breaking the law in Miami Beach.

Officer Ernesto Rodriguez with the Miami Beach Police Department said it’s a special group of uniformed, undercover and K9 officers and detectives aggressively cracking down on crime, including drinking and driving in the Art Deco cultural district of Miami Beach.

“Dangerous folks who we’ve been able to prevent even more serious crimes from occurring,” said Officer Rodriguez.

The ADCD taskforce SAFE was put together back in December in response to growing concerns over safety.

The operation has yielded over 200 arrests, 700 citations and 20 guns seized.

“You can’t truly measure what we’ve prevented, but we do know all of these firearms taken off the streets, who knows what they were going to do with them,” Officer Rodriguez said.

He is now hoping the enhanced enforcement serves as a deterrent.

This special task force will keep hitting the streets for at least two more weeks.

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