Miami-Dade police sending officers to D.C. for security at inauguration, director says

Miami-Dade County Police Director says that 45 officers from the department will be going to Washington, D.C., to help assist with keeping calm during inauguration.

DORAL, Fla. – Police are on alert across the country for the possibility of more violence after last week’s mob attack on the Capitol in Washington, D.C., and that includes here in South Florida.

Miami-Dade County police are remaining vigilant to keep the community safe in case there is any threat of political violence, although they have no information of an imminent attack. Meanwhile, they are sending a specialized unit of 45 trained officers from the department to Washington, D.C., to help with the security efforts next week surrounding the inauguration.

Miami-Dade County Police Director Freddy Ramirez said his police force is honored to protect America’s democracy and its process.

We spoke to Ramirez while touring the department’s real-time crime center where  intelligence analysts have access to a network of nearly 4,000  multi-agency cameras.

“They are monitoring the cameras. As we get information, we relay that to our first responders so that they have situational awareness,” Ramirez said.

Miami-Dade Police Real Time Crime Center Fast Facts:

  • 3,750: How many multiagency cameras they access
  • Operates 24/7 with 37 sworn and civilian personnel to include real -time crime specialists, police crime analysts, and intelligence analysts
  • They also conduct social media monitoring
  • The aim is to provide situational awareness for first responders for a proactive approach to keep community members and law enforcement officers safe
  • Operational as of 2015

While he said there are no known local threats, the department remains vigilant one week after rioters breached the U.S. Capitol and amid new warnings from the F.B.I. that extremists may commit unlawful violent acts in support of their ideology.

“Our children are watching,” said Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez, “watching us adults, how we act. That’s why it is important that we follow the law, we respect each other, and we set the example for our youth. Things may be going around the country but here in Miami-Dade County, we are all committed, all care about here, and it takes all of us to keep it safe.”

Law enforcement officials are urging the community to remain calm and civil during a time where there are certainly passionate perspectives regarding politics.

Former Miami and Hollywood Chief of Police Frank Fernandez said this is a defining moment in history, with violence and challenges from the past year culminating to a critical point.

“Our law enforcement officers across all disciplines are logically preparing to protect capitols across the country in the wake of what occurred at our nation’s Capitol last week. The public should know that police departments are prepared and trained to address any issues that may arise. Preparation is paramount to ensure that criminal intelligence obtained is analyzed, validated and exercised strategically, leading to an appropriate and measured response by police. The voices of violence continue to speak and threaten to orchestrate violent encounters throughout our nation. This climactic moment in our history is a time in which all citizens must demonstrate civility and respect for our country and for our Constitution.”

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