Vaccine distribution in South Florida may get boost from Walmart

Walmart may be getting involved to help with vaccine distribution in South Florida
Walmart may be getting involved to help with vaccine distribution in South Florida

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – Some of South Florida’s COVID-19 vaccination sites continue to be overwhelmed with extremely long lines.

Guidance is being provided on when those coming back for their second shot should actually be showing up.

Access to the vaccine may get a little easier, too.

Three weeks after receiving their initial shots, Ilene Katz and her 96-year-old mother were back in the line of cars snaking through Broward County’s Markham Park. They were among the nearly 1500 expected to show up Wednesday for their second dose, making sure to have their appointment cards in hand.

“And you must show it,” said Katz. “So, we’re here.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state received more than 300,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine this week, adding that second doses have already been budgeted for.

We’re getting to the point where you’re going to start having hundreds of thousands of seniors that, not only have had the one dose, but have had both doses and that have really, really good protection,” DeSantis said.

That’s why Broward County health officials stress not to show up more than 30 minutes before your appointment time, saying doses are available for all scheduled appointments, first and second, and showing up early just creates more traffic and longer lines.

Walmart has said select pharmacies in 22 states, including Florida, are expected to start distributing vaccines as early as late next week.

The company said there’s a Sam’s Club or Walmart within 10 miles of most Americans. In fact, there’s one right across the street from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

People seeking vaccines will have to meet certain requirements and register online, and those vaccines will only be available while supplies last.

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