Woman claims surgery is needed after her dog was attacked outside grooming business

A dog attack that took place in Broward County is under investigation after a small dog was brutally injured.

PLANTATION, Fla. – A dog attack that took place in Broward County is under investigation.

It happened in the parking lot of a Plantation dog grooming business along West Broward Boulevard.

The woman who owns that little dog told Local 10 News it now needs surgery.

“This little dog is just so special,” said owner Diane Moshe.

Jewel is just seven months old and had a rough time from the start.

“She was two ounces,” said Moshe. “I’m a show breeder, I’ve been doing this many years and I’ve never had a two ounce puppy survive.”

The little Havanese even survived a bout with hydrocephalus, or water on the brain.

But a trip to a groomer this past Friday nearly proved to be fatal when Jewel was attacked by two bigger bully breed dogs.

Diane’s sister-in-law, 76-year-old Betty Moshe, was knocked to the ground and injured her hip.

The dogs then got to Jewel.

“They put her in the mouth,” Moshe said. “She had puncture wounds, three puncture wounds on her body, and they shook her. By the time my sister-in-law was off the ground, the pit bulls were off her, but Jewel was just lying there, and they thought she was gone.”

The injured pup has been in a specialized vet hospital ever since, getting a surgery Wednesday on its injured spine.

“It’s a very delicate operation, particularly because she’s only seven months old,” said Moshe.

The costly surgery will run tens of thousands of dollars, which is why Moshe, who cared for Jewel in the beginning, is hoping a GoFundMe Page can help close the gap on the expenses.

The Moshe’s and dog lovers alike hope Jewel’s survival instincts can kick in again.

“I just need her to pull out one more miracle,” Moshe said.

To view the GoFundMe Page for Jewel’s medical expenses, click here.

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