South Florida among 2 sites for study into lasting COVID-19 impact

South Florida COVID-19 patients part of Long Haulers Syndrome study
South Florida COVID-19 patients part of Long Haulers Syndrome study

AVENTURA, Fla. – As clinicians struggle to make sense of why some people suffer from problems related to COVID-19 long after recovering from the virus, a study is getting underway into the condition referred to as Long Haulers Syndrome.

Dr. Norman Gaylis, a South Florida rheumatologist, is among the first to begin enrolling patients in the study, which was just given the green light by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“The patients will have to have prior evidence of COVID infection, either a PCR or a rapid test,” Gaylis said. “Obviously you can’t put someone in who may have had it but unfortunately if they weren’t tested. We won’t have the proof that they had it.”

The double-blind study will compare a placebo versus a monoclonal antibody to see if the drug could have an impact on small proteins involved in the body’s immune response.

Studying opioid use

In other health news, a recent study showed that controlling pain after surgery doesn’t have to involve opioids.

The study divided patients with similar surgeries into three groups: one receiving a full dose of opioid medication, one a smaller dose, and the third no medication.

Researchers found that those who received low or no opioids were just as satisfied with their recovery as those who received the standard full dose.

The researchers at the University of Michigan said the findings point to the potential for the reduction of opioid use following surgery, which would ultimately reduce the risk of dependence among patients.

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