Veterans upset about Miramar Vice Mayor wearing military jackets and hats despite never actually serving

Vice Mayor of Miramar coming under fire for wearing military attire despite never serving
Vice Mayor of Miramar coming under fire for wearing military attire despite never serving

MIRAMAR, Fla. – Miramar Vice Mayor Maxwell Chambers is responding to critics on Facebook who upset over him wearing official military uniform jackets despite never serving in the military.

“I don’t have to explain nothing to anyone,” Chambers said. “But I will, okay, in due time.”

He often wears those jackets with matching hats to city events.

“It’s just so confusing to me why he would choose to wear a uniform when he didn’t earn it and give the impression he was in the military when he wasn’t,” said U.S. Navy veteran Kevin Brady. “It is insulting. You don’t need to claim the status that you didn’t earn.”

The military attire has sparked anger online among the city’s veterans, with one active duty service member telling Local 10 that part of the problem is the markings indicating the rank of first sergeant and official patches worn by those who served in combat.

“It’s certainly insulting and it’s disrespectful of what it means to folks that have actually served and put their lives down in defense of their fellow service members,” the active duty service member who did not want to be identified told Local 10 News.

Chambers told Local 10 News he never served in the military, but these jackets are his to wear, gifted to him by members of the National Guard.

“That’s the way it was given to me,” Chambers said. “I’ve never served in the military. I don’t know what that is.”

He also said the only people who are upset are supporters of the man running against him in next month’s election.

“Those military veterans are supporters of my opponent,” he said. “But does it matter? There’s veterans that gave it to me. There’s veterans that gave me the hats. Every veteran is entitled to their opinion.”

A National Guard spokesperson could not speak to these specific jackets but told Local 10 the organization would never present uniform clothing as a formal gift, particularly one with name, rank or patches, because unauthorized use of such a uniform is a misdemeanor crime.

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