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Help wanted: Get paid $2,000 to sleep

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This may just be the dream job you’ve been searching for.

A company called Sleep Standards is searching for the perfect candidate to participate in their sleep study, and they’re willing to pay that person $2,000 to spend five nights in various environments, including one night at a 5-star resort.

The catch? This job has only one spot available, so the competition will be stiff.

Sleep Standards will adjust several environmental factors each night that they think might improve your sleep quality.

“You can expect different settings in each place,” a statement on the company’s website reads. “Not to worry though, these settings will in no way harm your physical and mental health.”

The person who lands this job will be required to write an honest report about their sleep experience each night, particularly focusing on how each of the adjustments affected their sleep quality.

Click here to learn more about the job opening and how to apply.

About the Author:

Amanda Batchelor is the managing editor for Local10.com.