Collaborative effort helps women with breast and ovarian cancer

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – A local grassroots breast and ovarian cancer support group is now joining forces with two other organizations to help women dealing with these conditions.

Tracy Milgram, founder of BRCA-Strong, has collaborated with the groups Brazen Bosom and Warrior to create care packages for women in financial need.

“One thing I learned through my own personal journey is having things available that eliminate barriers for example a robe with drain holders, post mastectomy garments, lymphedema garments, post mastectomy pillows, these are all things that i was never given when i went in for surgery and helping women and a fund these women these packages just puts such a smile on their face to know that’s one less barrier we have to face,” Milgram said.

On its own, BRCA-Strong helps build connections between people who’ve taken preventative action against breast and ovarian cancer, those who are currently battling these diseases, and those who are managing to live with metastatic disease.

In other health news, scientists are taking a closer look at how probiotics may help support weight loss.

Research suggest that gut microbiome may contribute to being overweight and obese by increasing factors such as insulin resistance and fat storage.

Some studies have shown that balancing bacteria in the gut with probiotic supplementation promotes weight loss and prevent weight gain, but there is little known about the long term safety of taking probiotic supplements.

Scientists caution that they can have adverse health side effects, including antibiotic resistance.

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