Michael Chiklis’ story about Miami and his wife on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ will blow you away

Actor Michael Chiklis' Miami story shocks 'Kelly and Ryan'
Actor Michael Chiklis' Miami story shocks 'Kelly and Ryan'

In Thursday’s must-see interview with guest Michael Chiklis on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” Chiklis shared a story of being on vacation in Miami as a kid, and a serendipitous connection to his wife that they didn’t uncover until just six years ago.

According to Chiklis, when he was six years old, his family took him on their first family vacation to North Miami Beach. They flew to North Miami Beach for vacation because his father’s uncle had just become the manager of a hotel there, and it was January in New England, so Miami was a great choice.

One day during their family vacation, they went up north to go see professional water skiers. At the end of the day, they drove back down to North Miami Beach via I-95 and ended up hitting a terrible traffic jam for 45 minutes. That’s when he saw a car, completely totaled, that had just hit a cow, with fire rescue crews attempting to rescue passengers from inside. The image of this rescue, the cow, and the totaled car left an impact on the actor, and he says he could never get it out of his mind.

Forty-plus years later after the incident, (six years ago), the unimaginable happened. As the actor laid in bed with his wife, he overheard her speaking with her father on the phone. She was telling her father that her friend had just hit a deer while driving, and the friend was left completely stunned. That’s when her father responded with, “Do you remember when…” and Chiklis realized she and her family were the people trapped in the totaled car that had hit a cow on I-95 over 40 years ago.

It’s a clip you must see to believe. Watch the full video below:

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