Officials taking measures to keep spring break safe as tourists continue arriving in South Florida

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Tourists are flocking to South Florida’s sunny shores for spring break as authorities keep a close watch to ensure everyone’s safety.

There are signs that the early warnings are working.

It’s a geo-targeted online public service announcement playing on the cell phones of visitors to South Beach and people living in the cities they come from.

The influx of visitors to South Florida has already begun.

The beach has increased spring break police staffing for some time now, but they said what’s been seen so far is nothing compared to what visitors can expect. Even more enforcement measures will be implemented next weekend with school off for spring break and increased occupancy rates at local hotels.

On the beach, the alcohol ban will be enforced, and there are no coolers, inflatables or tents allowed either.

There are also rules in the Entertainment/Art Deco cultural district, such as no liquor sales after 8 p.m., sidewalk cafes must be closed and have tables and chairs in by the midnight curfew.

Officials have also set up a spring break website, which you can visit by clicking here, where the message to seasonal visitors is clear.

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