Man shot, woman beaten near Marriott hotel in Miami

MIAMI – Police are investigating a shooting that occurred early Thursday outside the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay.

Miami police spokesman Mike Vega confirmed that the shooting was reported shortly after 3:30 a.m. at 1633 Bayshore Drive.

A Local 10 News crew was at the scene later in the morning as the area near the parking garage was blocked off with police tape.

Investigators and K-9 units were at the scene and evidence markers were on the ground, along with what appeared to be shell casings and a trail of blood.

It was clear that multiple shots were fired, as there was a bullet hole that went through the window of Trinity Cathedral, which is right next to the Marriott and another one that went through the back window of a pickup truck.

“I don’t normally see this type of stuff, especially at a Marriott,” hotel guest Josh Adams said.

Miami police Commander Freddie Cruz said the shooting occurred during an altercation with a group of people that came out of a nearby marina.

“A large group of individuals was coming out of that marina area -- still unclear if they were on a boat or they were just at the marina area -- some sort of an argument ensued and shots were fired,” Cruz said.

Robert Burns lives nearby and told Local 10 News reporter Annaliese Garcia that his wife was awakened when the first round of shots were fired.

He said her screams woke him up.

“She heard she said about 10 shots and then people were scattering,” Burns said.

He said he peaked outside to see what was going on and his dog got loose, so he chased after her.

“And I’m standing there trying to get her and another round, bam, bam, bam, bam -- I’d say like five or six shots, and people started scattering again,” Burns said.

He and his wife then called 911.

“I got a little nervous because a stray bullet could kill you, but as soon as I got my dog, I took off,” Burns said.

Vega said officers did not find the shooting victim at the scene, but just before 4 a.m., Miami-Dade police notified them that a male had been dropped off at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center with a gunshot wound.

Vega said the victim is in stable condition.

According to authorities, the male victim is in his 20s. Police said a woman was also beat up during the altercation.

“This is not very common for this area -- 3:30 in the morning, someone probably heard something or saw something. Any little bit of information will be very helpful to us,” Cruz said.

Police said detectives are interviewing several people about the shooting.

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