Half of all Airbnb hosts are women, and they have earned over $600 million in one year

In Miami, new women Hosts who began sharing a listing during the pandemic have earned $1.6 million over the past year alone

Women make up over half of all Airbnb hosts. Pictured: A Host located in Florida. (Airbnb, Courtesy of Airbnb)

MIAMI – The Airbnb community is — and has always been — powered by women.

According to a new earnings report from Airbnb, 55% of their four million Hosts globally are women. This means over 2 million women are currently hosting properties across the globe.

These findings come during an unprecedented time of hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where a record-setting amount of women left the workforce. Despite this drawback for women, Airbnb has seen a dramatic increase in women becoming Airbnb Hosts in cities all over the world for the very first time — including in Miami.

Airbnb announced this week that it estimates new women Hosts (with one listing) have collectively earned more than $600 million since March of 2020. According to the report, this promising trend has provided a much-needed financial lifeline for women and their families at a time when the economic burdens and sacrifices have fallen disproportionately on their shoulders.

In Miami, new women Hosts who have begun sharing one listing during the pandemic have earned $1.6 million over the past year alone.

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