New COVID-19 relief bill will save thousands of Miami-based airline jobs

Airline workers are now breathing a sigh of relief after a massive $1.9 COVID-19 relief bill was passed.

MIAMI – Airline workers who received notices that their jobs were in jeopardy are now breathing a sigh of relief after House Democrats passed a massive $1.9 COVID-19 relief bill expected to be signed by president Joe Biden.

“For our 13,000 colleagues who received Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification notices last month, those are happily canceled — you can tear them up!” wrote American Airlines CEO Doug Parker.

The warnings of furloughs came last month, when tens of thousands of airline workers were told they could be furloughed by April 1st when the latest payroll support program from congress was to expire.

Airlines have lost billions over the last year, blaming an initially slow vaccine rollout and new COVID testing restrictions.

Roughly 2,000 Miami-based American Airlines employees faced furlough last year, but were recalled when the paycheck protection program was extended.


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