Miami Freedom Park is coming to Miami, but county officials argue it will obstruct both ground and air traffic

Miami-Dade County commissioners met on Tuesday to discuss numerous issues, including impacts on both ground and air traffic, which need to be addressed before the Miami Freedom Park and Soccer Village stadium goes up.

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Miami-Dade County commissioners met Tuesday to discuss numerous issues that need to be addressed before the Miami Freedom Park officially opens, including its potential impacts on both ground and air traffic.

The stadium, which will host the Inter Miami CF soccer team, will be located right next to Miami International Airport and will include a 25,000-seat stadium, outbuildings and practice fields, a hotel, offices, retail, and even a public park.

However, according to Miami-Dade Commissioner Rebeca Sosa and others, the stadium will have a negative impact on those who live in the area due to increased traffic. “This is something that is not only going to change the lives of the neighbors that are right there, but it’s also the airport,” she says.

Also concerning is that the stadium will be located in a direct flight path at Miami International Airport.

“As you’re getting closer and closer to the runway, you want to make sure that you don’t have objects that are above a particular height,” says Lester Sola of the Miami-Dade aviation department. “So, there is a review that’s involved that involves both the FAA and the county.”

Based on artist renderings, the report also found parts of the proposed stadium would be too high, posing a potential problem for bigger and heavier planes using the airport’s longest runway immediately west of the site.

There are also concerns with lighting, such as the glare from the illuminated roof, which could impact visibility for pilots and air traffic controllers.

As mentioned previously, another major factor is ground traffic.

“How significant traffic around the airport would impact the accessibility of the airport and our economy,” says Sola.

“The biggest intersection we have in Dade County, LeJeune Road going to the airport and 836 — it is a huge intersection,” adds Miami-Dade County Commissioner Joe Martinez.

According to officials, a study was done to see how the new development would impact surrounding streets and access points. However, the information provided was insufficient

Now, they are calling for a new, more detailed study to be prepared by the developer.

Currently, the county code does not permit variances in the area where this stadium is going in.

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