Talking with Miami’s new police chief about what may follow him here from Houston

MIAMI, Fla. – In the wake of Monday’s surprise announcement that Houston’s police chief would be Miami’s next top cop, we are learning more about him. We are also learning about lawsuits linked to high-profile police incidents under his watch.

At a news conference in Houston this week, KPRC-TV’s Mario Diaz ask this:

“Chief, your move comes at a time when crime fighting strategies are not working.”

Art Acevedo shut him down.

Diaz tells us that in the city of Houston they have seen homicides skyrocket in the last 14 months. “It is the No. 1 safety concern for any Houstonian and many people view it as one of the driving forces for him to go to Miami — the meteoric rise in homicides in Houston.”

Diaz also points to mounting lawsuits related to two high-profile, police-related incidents during Acevedo’s tenure that includes the 2019 Harding street raid, a botched raid where cops lied and two people died inside their home.

Diaz said that Acevedo must go back to Houston from Miami to address the scandal and the families believe it is one of the key reasons why he bolted to the Magic City.

“That’s not my history I don’t cut and run,” Acevedo said.

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