It seems the Easter bunny is bringing treats for all this year, even dogs!

Pet charcuterie board (COURTESY: Corgcuterie)

Charcuterie boards are all over social media. From sweet to savory, Christmas to Easter, there are all kinds of themes to brighten up your Holiday snack tables.

With pet adoption numbers skyrocketing during the pandemic, people across the country are spending more time than ever at home with their pets. Now, a Chicago company says its come up with a new way to show your doggy just how much you love them. It has unveiled a charcuterie board for canine companions.

Corgcuterie wants you to check out the ‘Barkuterie’ board. It’s just for dogs! The company says the boards are filled with Fido-safe foods like fruits, biscuits and chewy treats. Some even tailor to allergies.

With these ‘Barkuterie’ boards starting at $30 for a medium-sized tray, would you be willing to get one for your furry best friend this Holiday weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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