Mmmmm… Reese’s… wait a second, is that makeup?

Reese's eyeshadow palette
Reese's eyeshadow palette (Courtesy

First, Chipotle gave us garden-variety shades in an eye shadow palette, now Reese’s is launching its own makeup line! But don’t worry, there won’t be any sticky peanut butter or chocolate involved.

Reese’s has teamed up with HipDot Cosmetics to create the collection, which includes two eye shadow palettes in “milk chocolate” and “white chocolate” along with two lip balms and two make-up brushes.

Makeup sales took a dip in 2020. These new collections come as a push to help the beauty industry recover from plummeting sales as more Americans get vaccinated and make their way back into the office.

The new candy-themed makeup can be purchased at Ulta, and Hershey’s chocolate World locations.

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