Plantation residents pushing back against developers overpopulating the area

Local 10 is investigating as Plantation residents are concerned about overpopulation and are disputing proposed land development.

PLANTATION, Fla. – Local 10 is investigating a land development dispute in Plantation.

Residents have gone as far as to put up a billboard on overpopulation, criticizing the proposed project.

It’s easy to spot while heading east on 595.

The story is really about how residents have organized, worried what will happen if developers keep building more homes in smaller spaces.

Ric Roth with Save Our Acres, the group behind the billboard, said it’s an awareness campaign.

“It’s all about traffic, it’s all about noise,” he said. “It’s all about quality of life.”

Billboard in Broward County regarding overpopulation in the City of Plantation. (WPLG)

The campaign found that more and more developers have been lobbying the city to make more homes on less land.

At least three different areas in the Plantation Acres community have got the attention of different companies, looking to rezone and asking the city to let them build more homes than they’re technically allowed to.

The most current proposed development is at 4th Street and Old Hiatus Road. It’s an area allowing for 11 new homes, which is one per acre.

However, the developer, in that case, wants to build around 42 homes in that same lot.

Plantation City Councilman Nick Sortal said the community is organizing, engaging in ways he’s never seen.

This latest proposal has led to another meeting between developers and residents.

The deal still being ironed out.

In the past, these groups have gotten other housing companies to scale back their plans.

This specific project is still being hashed out. Residents recently spoke with the developer over Zoom after going back to the drawing board.

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Andrew Perez is a South Florida native who joined the Local 10 News team in May 2014.