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Not just for Fido, FWC wants to microchip your reptile for free

Photo from FWC.
Photo from FWC.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is asking the owners of pet green iguanas and Tegu lizards to have them microchipped in an effort to keep them safe and protect Florida’s ecosystems.

No cost ‘Tag Your Reptile’ microchipping and permitting events will be held across the state this week for owners.

These events come as new rules to restrict the sale and breeding of Tegu lizards and green iguanas go into effect this Thursday.

It is important to know, after the new rules go into effect, the State of Florida will not allow the personal possession of these species. But if you already own one of these reptiles, you can keep them, as long as you comply with the new rules.

Owners have 90 days to have their reptiles’ microchipped and 180 days to make sure outdoor enclosures comply with the new rules.

For more information on these new rules, visit https://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/nonnatives/rule-development/.

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