Colombia: Officials report 24 deaths related to protests against tax reform

Protesters march against tax reform on April 28, in Bogota, Colombia. (AP Foto/Fernando Vergara) (Fernando Vergara, Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

The deadly protests in Colombia against proposed tax reform continued on Wednesday.

The Ombudsman’s Office of Colombia, the government agency that oversees human rights violations, reported 24 people have died in relation to the protests.

The majority of them died during clashes in Valle del Cauca, a department in the Pacific region. Officials first reported on Monday that 19 people had died since the protests began on April 28. Five more people died in the last few days.

Indepaz, a nongovernmental organization based out of Bogotá, listed 31 people, ages 13 to 86, died during the protests around the country.

Here is the list of 24:

  1. Michel Reyes
  2. Juan Perdomo
  3. Marcelo Agredo Inchima
  4. Cristian Moncayo
  5. Pol Stiven Sevillano
  6. Yarli Parra
  7. Jesús Solano
  8. Miguel Ángel Pinto
  9. Daniel Felipe Azcarate
  10. Edwin Villa
  11. Dadimir Daza
  12. Einer Lasso
  13. José Ortiz
  14. Kevin Yair González
  15. Jesús Flórez
  16. Yeison Angulo
  17. Kevin Agudelo
  18. Harold Rodríguez
  19. José Ambuila
  20. Wenceslao Solis

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